Feel the Vibes…

Genre: Blues
Where: Marysville Community Centre
When: To Be Advised
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Spectrum is one Australia’s favourite bands. During their brief but illustrious career Spectrum were in the vanguard of progressive rock in Australia, and they left a legacy of innovative and imaginative music.The central figure in Spectrum was singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Rudd, one of the many outstanding expatriate NZ performers who have contributed so much to the Australian music scene.

More often than not Spectrum includes a blues set by its alter ego, Spectrum Plays the Blues, which can be prised away from the mother ship as a separate and distinct entity and play a solid couple of hours of classic blues songs as requested.

The recent Sydney Blues and Roots and Noonamah Blues Festivals saw Spectrum Plays the Blues play just such a a sizzling blues set.
Spectrum has been a regular participant at the Marysville Jazz & Blues Weekend since its inception and it's been a highlight of our schedule ever since. It's a family orientated festival with just the right mix of entertainment featuring outstanding Australian exponents of both Jazz and Blues without being pedantic about definitions.
Mike Rudd

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